Class Internet for a Month

The internet is an important tool for students to grow their knowledge in the classroom. St Jude's provides reliable on-campus internet for connected modern learning. Through your generous donation of only $50, you could supply an entire classroom with internet for a whole month!

Donate Monthly

The long-term sustainability of The School of St Jude in Tanzania is of the utmost importance in continuing to educate the future moral and intellectual leaders of the nation. Your monthly recurring donation ensures that present and future generations of students can continue to receive a 100% free, quality education!

Make a one-time donation

The School of St Jude is doing an incredible job of supporting free, quality education of more than 1,800 students! Your donations toward the school promotes a safe and supportive learning environment as well as emergency needs and special projects.

Open Donation

Support the renovation of our classrooms with a general donation!

Student Art Program Donation

Ordering an artwork isn’t the only way to support St Jude’s Student Art. We welcome donations that will support us in providing our students with top-quality materials and access to the best products so they can create without restriction! Your donation will also support the growth of our new gallery that will display our students’ work.

Student's Chair

Quality handmade, hardwood student’s chair for comfortable learning.

Teach a Student for a Month

In Tanzania, the shortage of teachers for government schools leads to an average 65 students to one teacher ratio. At The School of St Jude, we strive to reduce this ratio to ensure the quality of our student's education. By donating AU $100 today, you'll be supporting the teaching costs of a student for one month and contributing to the quality education of the students!

Teacher's Setup

Set up for a teacher including a desk with drawers and a chair.

Transport for a School Term

On average students have to walk around 7.5 miles every day to go to school which can be a contributing factor to drop out. St Jude's fleet of 25 school buses is the key to ensuring that our students remain in school until graduation. By generously donating, you are supporting the safe and reliable transportation of students for an entire school term!