20 years is just the beginning…

Today, The School of St Jude is preparing our 1,800 students to become future intellectual and moral leaders through providing quality, holistic education. Now that our academic achievement is consistently high, we’re strengthening our sports, arts, and extracurricular activities to develop our students’ skills in preparation for dynamic, impactful careers.  

Although St Jude’s is now 20 years old, our work here in Tanzania is just beginning. You can help our work continue by making a donation to support holistic education at The School of St Jude. 

Support holistic education

You can provide St Jude’s students with all the ingredients they need for a truly holistic education. Your donation provides materials and teachers for arts, sports and extracurricular activities. 

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Support a Student Scholarship

You can provide free, quality education for one of our primary or secondary students by becoming the sole sponsor of their academic scholarship. 

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Support a BSJ Scholar

You can change the world for one our graduates in the Beyond St Jude’s Scholarship Program by becoming the sole sponsor of their tertiary scholarship. You will cover their accommodation costs, higher education fees and provide them with learning resources. 

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Want to make a bigger impact?

You can support the sustainability and longevity of St Jude’s by donating towards our major projects and funds. A larger donation could cover the cost of our larger capital projects or provide enough science and sporting equipment for a year, there’s always an area that needs your support.   

You can even help us by sponsoring a large number of primary, secondary or tertiary scholarships. If you would like to make a major impact with a donation of more than US$5,000, email our Founder, Gemma Sisia, directly to see how we can best use your generous donation. 

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