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Our Student Gift Packs are a quick and simple way to give your student a selection of fun and educational gifts to help them here at St Jude’s. This option avoids the hassle, time delays, and cost of international postage. Furthermore, by buying gifts from around Arusha, you are helping to support local businesses and spread the ripple effect of St Jude’s to the wider community.

Here are a few options.

Standard 7 Graduation Gift Packs

Celebrate the end of primary school with a gift for a graduate.


Form 4 Graduation Gift Pack

Congratulate a Form 4 graduate with a commemorative gift.


Form 6 Graduation Gift Pack

Give a gift to a Form 6 graduate on their graduation day.


Home Visit Pack

Give a student’s family the gift of household essentials.


Home Visit Pack Plus Solar Light

Give a St Jude’s family the essentials and a handy light source.


Beyond St Jude’s Graduation Gift Pack

Commemorate a scholar’s special day with a unique St Jude’s keepsake.


Lower Primary Student Gift Pack

Surprise a Standard 1 - 4 student with a fun and educational gift pack. 


Upper Primary Student Gift Pack

Make a Standard 5 - 7 student’s day with a fun and educational gift pack. 


Secondary Student Gift Pack

Give a secondary student a practical and educational gift.