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Fighting poverty
through education

American Friends of The School of St Jude

American Friends of The School of St Jude’s (AFSJ) is the US fundraising arm for  The School of St Jude in the US. Established by committed supporters, AFSJ provides a tax-advantaged way for American supporters to donate to St Jude’s.

AFSJ is directed by a board of ten people, who all believe strongly in St Jude’s mission and vision. AFSJ is proud to be fighting poverty through education in cooperation with St Jude’s in Tanzania.

The American Friends of The School of St Jude, Tanzania, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity with federal tax-exempt status effective February 3, 2015. Our EIN is 47-3077055.

We have helped build an education system that typically ranks in the top 10% of Tanzanian schools.

Donate to The School of St Jude

By donating to AFSJ you are supporting St Jude’s in Tanzania. Your gift will educate students and help create the future leaders of Tanzania.

How can you help?

If you’d like to join the community of St Jude’s supporters and help the school continue providing free, quality education to the future leaders of Tanzania, you can sponsor an academic scholarship, make a once-off or recurring donation or spread the word about St Jude’s.

Discover different ways to support St Jude’s through AFSJ.

Our Responsibilities

  • Providing funds for projects of The School of St Jude in Tanzania conditional upon such funds being expended in accordance with projects as mutually agreed.
  • Managing and maximizing funds from donors in the United States in a responsible and effective manner.
  • Fundraising activities, including events in the US.
  • Monitoring and managing funds responsibly, ensuring compliance with US requirements.

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