American Support Base For The School Of St Jude In Tanzania

Fighting Poverty
through education

We help The School of St Jude to provide high-quality education to students from impoverished families in Tanzania by providing financial and other support to the school.
American Support Base For The School Of St Jude In Tanzania


Create Mawimbi with The School of St Jude this end of financial year. Dive in to explore the true impact of education and the Mawimbi of your support.

About the School of St Jude

They provide free, quality education to 1,800 high-achieving primary and secondary students experiencing extreme poverty.

The school also supports hundreds of tertiary students each year with scholarships to higher education.

The School of St Jude is a charity school that started in 2002 in Tanzania with the mission of providing free, quality education to high-achieving primary and secondary school students experiencing extreme poverty.

A St Jude’s education is life-changing for students. In the short term it improves school attendance, health and academic results and in time increases a student’s chance to access higher education, improves their family’s financial situation and goes on to impact the whole community.

The American Friends of St Jude’s has the responsibility of funding projects of The School of St Jude in Tanzania. By donating to AFSJ you are supporting St Jude’s in Tanzania. Your gift will educate students and help create the future leaders of Tanzania.

Support our mission

The American Friends of St Jude's is committed to supporting the mission to provide free, quality education at The School of St Jude. Join the fight against poverty by sponsoring a student’s scholarship or making a direct donation.

Sole Sponsorship


Fight poverty through education by sponsoring the full amount of a St Jude’s student’s academic scholarship. Your sponsorship provides everything a student needs for a successful education.

A sole sponsorship covers 100% of a student's scholarship.

Class Sponsorship


Join a group of other committed sponsors to support the education of an entire class of students! Your sponsorship, along with contributions from other sponsors will help cover all educational requirements of the class throughout their school years including excursions, teacher salaries, classroom maintenance and extra school supplies.

Sponsor a College Student


Provide higher education to a BSJ scholar and help them become one of Tanzania’s future leaders by sponsoring the full amount of their scholarship. Your sponsorship will cover the cost of tuition and exam fees, accommodation, learning resources and living expenses.

A sole-sponsorship covers 100% of a scholar's expenses.