Mawimbi, Kiswahili for ‘ripples’, is the theme for our 2023 Annual Appeal and this year we invite you on a journey as we dive into the impact, the ripple effect, of St Jude’s!

Are you ready to create your own Mawimbi? Join us in making an impact. It’s more than the education.

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Our 2023 Annual Appeal - Mawimbi

The impact of your donation is more than education. Through your support, families save significant costs and are able to improve their income, eventually rising above extreme poverty by the time their child graduates. It doesn’t stop there, we create hundreds of jobs both in the school and through our supply chains, injecting millions into the local economy. We improve tertiary attendance by 12x the national average and our alumni start businesses at an average rate of 7 per year, so that in turn, they are able to support their families.

In fact, for each scholarship its Mawimbi is actually supporting around 50 people!

About The School of St Jude

The School of St Jude is a charity school in Tanzania. The school provides 100% free, quality education to 1,800 high achieving children from disadvantaged backgrounds. This includes covering costs of uniforms, school supplies, food, boarding and transport to set children and families up for success. 

 St Jude’s is 100% funded by charitable donations and sponsorships thanks to kind supporters around the world. The American Friends of St Jude is the fundraising arm of the school in the United States. 

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Sole Sponsorship

Fight poverty through education by sponsoring the full amount of a St Jude’s student’s academic scholarship. Your sponsorship provides everything a student needs for a successful education.

A sole sponsorship covers 100% of a student's scholarship.

$220.00 / month
$2,640.00 / year

Tertiary Sole Sponsorship

Provide higher education to a BSJ scholar and help them become one of Tanzania’s future leaders by sponsoring the full amount of their scholarship. Your sponsorship will cover the cost of tuition and exam fees, accommodation, learning resources and living expenses.

A sole-sponsorship covers 100% of a scholar's expenses.

$300.00 / month
$3,600.00 / year

Parents Story - Meet Vita

Did you know that parents often have to borrow or sell assets up to one and a half times what they earn in a year to support one child’s education?

At St Jude’s, families can immediately avoid this debt and financial pressure. This includes uniforms, tuition, transport, food, school supplies and health costs. It’s much more than education, it's helping families overcome financial difficulties that perpetuate the cycle of poverty.

And the result? On average our family's incomes triple by the time their child graduates St Jude’s!

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Alumni Story - Meet Cypriana

The Mawimbi of your support of our alumni means volunteer teachers for over 100,000 government school students through our Beyond St Jude’s program. It means 97% chance of St Jude’s graduates attending higher education compared to an average of 8% nationally.

It means a 1:1 male to female higher education entrance – 28 times than the average in Tanzania. And upon graduating higher education, our alumni financially support two of their siblings’ education! 

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